Services at AVA Electric
Electrical Construction
We are specialists in every type of electrical construction, from small residential installations to entire office buildings and major industrial projects.  Each type of project is slightly or greatly different, depending on the requirements, and we ensure that the homeowner and the business owner are completely satisfied with our work.  One of the worst choices in the construction industry is to pick someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to tackle the type of job that needs to be done.  This is particularly true in electrical services – not only can redoing work cause delays in the entire project, it can turn into a safety hazard if the right materials are not used or the installer is less than knowledgeable about proper installation.  With Ava Electric, none of those concerns exist – we are the consummate professionals when it comes to electrical construction work, no matter what the project.
Building Automation
We keep up and install the latest in building automation and communications equipment for the residence, office building or industrial project.  For residences, home theater and lighting device controls are the most common requests. Our office customers frequently want Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) installed for security, as well as annunciation systems, complex HVAC controls and data/communication systems for wide-area networks and multiplex telephone/fax service.  Industrial customers are looking for many of the above equipment installations, plus sophisticated data acquisition and supervisory control over multiple production processes.  Whatever the project, we are a one-stop service for the simplest to the most complex electrical installation demands.
Whether we perform the installation or not, your electrical systems require maintenance, just like any other system in your building or industrial plant.  Preventive maintenance is usually the cheaper route in the long run – inspection for corrosion, worn parts, rodent damage and water damage frequently forestalls more expensive repairs as the system deteriorates from what can be, initially, a very small problem.  Given our extensive installation experience, we know what to look for on existing systems, and even if the system is not giving you any problems, we can test and recommend replacements or upgrades that can lower your risk of a failure and/or provide you better service in the long run.  We can arrange for regular, annual inspections of your systems.  Also, we will annually send you a reminder about the systems we’ve installed, and recommend to you which systems should be inspected at that time.